Powered by Goldwell: Our Color of Choice at Color Bar

At Architeqt Color Bar, we believe in offering our clients nothing but the best in products—and that’s why we choose Goldwell color for our salon. With a rich history rooted in innovation and a commitment to excellence, Goldwell has been a trailblazer in the world of professional hair color for decades.

A Legacy of Excellence

Goldwell’s journey began in 1948 when Hans Erich Dotter founded the company in Germany. With a passion for hair and a vision for creating superior hair color products, Dotter set out to revolutionize the industry. Since then, Goldwell has remained at the forefront of hair color innovation, consistently pushing boundaries and setting new standards of quality and performance.

Topchic: The Gold Standard in Hair Color

At the heart of Goldwell’s color portfolio lies Topchic—a comprehensive line of permanent hair colors designed to deliver excellence in every aspect. With over 120 shades to choose from, Topchic offers endless possibilities for achieving unique and vibrant color results. But what truly sets Topchic apart is its exceptional performance:

  • Unrivaled Grey Coverage: With up to 100% opaque grey coverage, Topchic ensures reliable results every time, making it a go-to choice for clients seeking flawless color.
  • Hair Condition: Topchic strikes the perfect balance between high-end color performance, hair integrity, and ammonia level, ensuring beautiful color without compromising the health of the hair.
  • Perfect Color-Balancing: Paired with Colorance, Goldwell’s complementary color line, Topchic offers perfectly matched shades for seamless color-balancing performance, allowing for precise and natural-looking results.
  • Cutting-Edge Technology: Backed by over 60 patents, Goldwell’s leading-edge technologies ensure best-in-class performance, providing vibrant, long-lasting color that exceeds expectations.

Colorance: Rich, Shiny Color. Amazingly Healthy Hair Feel.

In addition to Topchic, Goldwell’s Colorance line offers rich, shiny color results with outstanding color retention. With benefits such as up to 3x more shine on bleached hair, up to 5x better combability even on damaged hair, and up to 75% grey blending, Colorance truly elevates the hair coloring experience. Plus, with its ability to repair the hair structure for the healthiest hair feel, Colorance goes beyond just coloring—it nourishes and revitalizes the hair from within.

Experience the Goldwell Difference

At Architeqt Color Bar, we are proud to partner with Goldwell to bring you the very best in hair color technology and innovation. With Goldwell, you can trust that your hair is in expert hands, and that every color service is powered by excellence. Discover the Goldwell difference for yourself and elevate your beauty experience to new heights.