Best Face Framing Highlights In Philadelphia

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Brighten Your Look with Face-Framing Highlights

Looking to add dimension, flatter your features, and achieve a sun-kissed glow? Look no further than Architect Color Bar, your premier destination for face-framing highlights in Philadelphia!

What are Face-Framing Highlights?

Face-framing highlights are a hair coloring technique that strategically lightens strands around the face. This creates a beautiful, natural-looking effect that brightens your complexion, enhances your bone structure, and adds depth and dimension to your hair.

Benefits of Face-Framing Highlights:

  • Flattering for all face shapes: By drawing light to certain areas, face-framing highlights can soften a strong jawline, elongate a round face, and balance out features for a more harmonious look.
  • Low-maintenance: Unlike full highlights, face-framing requires less frequent touch-ups, making it a perfect choice for busy lifestyles.
  • Suits all hair colors: Whether you’re a blonde, brunette, redhead, or have black hair, face-framing highlights can be customized to complement your natural color and desired effect.
  • Adds volume and texture: The play of light and shadow created by highlights adds visual interest and makes your hair appear thicker and fuller.

Why Choose Architect Color Bar for Your Face-Framing Highlights?

At Architect Color Bar, our expert colorists are passionate about creating customized looks that enhance your natural beauty. We use only the highest quality hair color products to achieve stunning, long-lasting results.

Here’s what sets us apart:

  • Experienced colorists: Our team has extensive experience with face-framing techniques and will work with you to create a look that perfectly suits your hair, style, and skin tone.
  • Consultation before every service: We take the time to understand your goals and desired outcome before starting any service.
  • Focus on hair health: We prioritize the health of your hair during the coloring process, using gentle techniques and nourishing products.
  • Trendy salon atmosphere: Relax and enjoy a luxurious salon experience in our beautiful and inviting space.

Ready to Book Your Face-Framing Highlights Appointment?

Contact Architect Color Bar today for a consultation! We can’t wait to help you achieve your dream hair.

What do face-framing highlights do? + -

Instead of focusing on covering up, this method enhances your natural features. It uses highlights to bring out your beautiful cheekbones and jawline, leaving you with a balanced and gorgeous look that flatters your face.

Are face-framing highlights low maintenance? + -

Combining low maintenance and versatility, face-framing highlights are a great way to enhance your natural beauty. Unlike full highlights that require frequent touch-ups, this technique only targets the front hairline and around the face, keeping your salon visits spaced out. Plus, it works for any hair color, adding flattering dimension to blonde, brunette, or anything in between.

Do face-framing pieces look good on everyone? + -

Curtain bangs, a hot trend right now, are a shorter take on face-framing layers. They soften features and add balance to your face. The good news is that face-framing layers are incredibly versatile, flattering all hair types, textures, lengths, and face shapes.

Who should get face framing highlights? + -

Perfect for Color Newbies and Low-Commitment Changers: Since face-framing highlights involve a smaller section of hair, they're ideal for those new to salon color or anyone wanting a subtle, quick way to refresh their look. The best part? They're completely customizable, allowing you to tailor the intensity and placement to your preferences.

Do face framing highlights make you look younger? + -

Want a youthful boost with minimal effort? Face-framing highlights are your secret weapon! These subtle pops of color add dimension to your hair and warmth to your skin. The light-reflecting nature of highlights also helps minimize fine lines and soften your entire complexion. It's a low-maintenance trick for a radiant, youthful look that's sure to leave you feeling confident!

What are face framing highlights on dark or brown hair? + -

Face-framing highlights are strands of lighter-colored hair strategically placed near the front of your hair to help accentuate your face.

What is the difference between chunky highlights and babylights? + -

Chunky Highlights: These are bold sections of lightened hair, typically around an inch wide. They create a noticeable contrast with your base color and can add a bit of an edge or frame the face (think 90s style highlights).

Babylights: These are much finer strands of lightened hair, woven throughout the hair in a subtle way. They mimic natural sun-kissed highlights and add dimension and brightness without creating stark contrast.