Raising the bar on Hair Color Services with Antidotpro at Architeqt Color Bar

At Architeqt Color Bar, our dedication to enhancing guest health, comfort, and overall salon experience drives us to seek out the latest and most innovative technologies in the industry. One such groundbreaking product we are excited to introduce to our services is Antidotpro —a revolutionary additive designed to protect against skin irritation and contact dermatitis during hair color treatments.

The Challenge: Skin and Scalp Sensitivity

As hair colorists, we understand that chemical services, while transformative and beautifying, can sometimes come with a downside: skin irritation and contact dermatitis. These reactions can range from mild itching and redness to more severe issues like swelling, and other allergic reactions. This is not just uncomfortable for our guests, but it also detracts from the overall salon experience we strive to provide.

The Solution: Antidotpro

Antidotpro is a game-changer in the world of hair coloring. This additive is integrated directly into colors, lighteners, and other chemical applications. It represents the first step in protecting the skin and scalp cells, effectively preventing contact dermatitis. The secret lies in its ability to nullify and neutralize the adverse effects of major chemicals.

How It Works: Scalp Guard Technology and the A12 Molecule

At the heart of Antidotpro’s effectiveness are the A12 molecule and Scalp Guard Technology. During chemical services, the scalp can become compromised, leading to irritation and an allergic reaction. Antidotpro works by enveloping the scalp and hair cells with healing molecules, negating the impact of harsh chemicals and preventing the onset of contact dermatitis. This means no more itching, burning, or redness—just a comfortable, enjoyable salon experience.

The Benefits: Guest Well-Being at the Core

For us at Color Bar, guest well-being is paramount. By incorporating Antidotpro into our coloring services, we are taking a significant step towards ensuring that our guests not only look their best but also feel their best. This additive allows us to deliver beautiful, vibrant color results without compromising the health and comfort of the scalp and skin.

Our guests can now enjoy their color treatments without the fear of discomfort or adverse reactions. This aligns perfectly with our commitment to creating a relaxing and convenient experience, building trust, and fostering lasting relationships with our guests.

Experience the Difference at Architeqt Color Bar

We invite you to experience the revolutionary benefits of Antidotpro 01 SCALP for yourself. At Color Bar,
we are always at the forefront of innovation, dedicated to providing the best possible care for our guests. Schedule your next color appointment with us and discover how our new approach to hair coloring can transform not only your look but also your overall salon experience.

Your health and comfort are our top priorities, and with Antidotpro, we are making significant strides in ensuring both, if you are aware that you have a skin allergy or sensitivity to hair color, let us know at your next appointment.

Join us at Architeqt Color Bar and let us show you the future of hair color services—where beauty and well-being go hand in hand.