Alexey Kats Best Philly Beauty Hair Salon

Alexey Kats

Co-owner & Stylist

With over two decades in the hair industry, I’ve built an exciting career as an entrepreneur, salon owner, and stylist. I opened my first salon, Architeqt, back in 2012, followed by Architeqt North in 2014 and salon INDY just last year. I’ve also founded various beauty side ventures like DOM and Hairdojo over the years. My latest endeavor is launching Architeqt Color Bar with my partner @phillyhair_alba.

I specialize in minimalist, wearable hairstyles for clients. Dry cutting has been my passion for 20 years – I’ve developed my own unique approach and love sharing it with my team. I’m fascinated by the intersection of tech and beauty, always seeking new ways to advance the industry through hair tools, AI, and other innovation.

I draw inspiration from philosophy, art, live music, architecture, and the talented colleagues I’ve met over the years who push me creatively.

To recharge, I travel the world tasting delicious food, exploring sights, and learning new things. Krav Maga is my go-to for de-stressing, working out, and preparing for another week of business building and being behind the chair.

Even after 24 years in this business, I remain passionate about the art and craft and look forward to growing my business with good friends and colleagues by my side.